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Do It Yourself

With the growing popularity of HGTV (Home and Garden Television) So CaL Kitchen Visions has noticed that the average consumer wants to show off their artistic skills when it comes to remodeling and decorating their kitchen or bath. It's our pleasure to help you discover how much hidden talent surfaces during this process.

We want your artistic skills to show through in your design.

Because we work with kitchen and bathroom designs everyday we are current with styles and trends and like to share that information with the homeowner. We can provide guidance about various options in appliances, cabinetry, styles, colors, fixtures, lighting and other kitchen and bath features Ultimately it is your decision, but we both have the same goal to make your kitchen or bath your unique space that will reflect your personality and not the designer's personality. It important to note that our responsibility is to give you pros and cons of each decision you make. We just want to make sure that you have current information before making those decisions.

We discuss design guidelines with you. My primary guideline is: "what you see at someone's front door you should expect to see throughout the rest of the house." For example, suppose you walk into your neighbor's house and see that the walls throughout the house are a light green. Then you enter a bedroom that has black walls. Immediately you will feel uncomfortable with the lack of consistency of colors throughout the house. The same response would also be extended to geometrical shapes and textures. Of course, guidelines are meant to be broken, and that decision would be left up to each customer.

We work with architects and general contractors.

SoCal Kitchen Visions works hand-in-hand with your architect, general contractor and any other tradesmen. We will also provide a second opinion for suggestions made by any of those individuals. If requested we will offer assistance in picking appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring and other materials. Our goal is to insure that the finished project will make everyone involved proud of the result.

Family or Friends in the trades

You may know family or friends who are professionals that can help you with your kitchen or bath project and we can work with whoever you choose.  If there are aspects of your project for which you need qualified professionals we can refer you to licensed and bonded contractors or other professional tradesmen.  As a design company we work with preferred partners in the construction trade

Preferred partners are skilled, licensed, professional contractors, tradesmen and interior designers that we work with.